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We are the Smart Developer and Builders Source for Custom Panelized Housing Kits utilizing Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

These days, more and more Builders and Developers are realizing the advantages of working with pre-engineered SIP panelized housing. We get calls every day from Developers and Custom Home Builders across North America who are just starting to understand all the benefits of using pre-engineered panelized home kits.

If you are a Developer or Builder who is just now looking into working with a pre-engineered panelized building system for the first time, or who is looking for a better and more reliable supplier to work with, contact us. With our extensive North American network of suppliers' factories and warehouses from east to west and north to south, we are able to serve all markets -

Without any transportation or delivery costs to you or your customer!

Since 2000, we have been providing Builders and Developers all across North America with the highest quality pre-engineered SIP panelized housing kits along with the best pricing and service available. As the number of custom homes being built across the country continues to rise, more and more Builders and Developers are finding they just don't have the time or the skilled manpower available to stick-build and still meet the quality demands of their marketplace.

Panelization with SIPs can allow you to build more homes every year and deliver better quality to your customers. There is no downside. After you quickly assemble one of our SIP panelized homes to the lock-up stage, you still have all the benefits of the high-margin work that Builders and Developers love. After assembly, these homes still need to have the plumbing and electrical work done as well as the flooring, kitchen cabinets, and all the other high profit additional upgrades.

What you get is the best of both worlds, because all the low-margin, high-exposure on-site "grunt work" is eliminated. Studies have shown panelization can save you 25% or more in total labor and materials costs. And, you can get each home erected more quickly and with fewer men, which allows you to build more homes every year.

For Custom Home Builders, panelized housing is a win-win-win situation; higher quality, higher margin, and the ability to handle more projects every year. Call us today to learn more about building with factory built panelized housing kits made with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and watch your business become more profitable than you ever thought possible.

Pre-Engineered Panelized Construction Kits for Builders and Developers

For Builders and Developers that are new to the concept of pre-engineered factory built components, it is important that you understand what will be delivered to you when you order a panelized house kit from us. Just as important is that you also understand what work will still be needed to be done on site, after you get the home to the lock-up stage.
Many of the homes we engineer are custom. The panelized home kits that we show on our website will give you an idea of our basic styles and their value pricing.

If the development or your client already has their plans in place, we can work with those by converting them to our superior pre-engineered building system. We can also design the homes that may be required to fit the size limitations of the existing site plan for your development or the lot of your client.
You also get the benefit of our in-house design center to assist with the plans, brochures and displays for your sales centre if required.

What we deliver to your building site includes: The entire external structure of the house (excluding the foundation). This includes: the Sub-floor system(s) (includes all I-beams, rim board, ¾" decking and LVL support beams as per plan), exterior walls of SIPs (fully Factory Fabricated with all the window and door openings pre-cut and headed as per your window and door schedule), a pre-engineered truss roof system with all sheeting and much more.

The Panelized kit will arrive "Ready to Assemble" - simply follow the assembly plans and guide to quickly erect the home on the foundation that has been prepared. You then finish the home conventionally: installing the windows and doors into the prepared openings, shingling the roof, siding the house, adding interior partition walls, drywall, plumbing, electrical, heating & air conditioning, cabinets, flooring, lighting, painting, and whatever else is needed.

Working with SIP Panelized, Factory Fabricated housing kits has been shown to save 25% or more in total labor and materials cost. Panelization does not restrict your flexibility, and improves the overall quality of the house

Benefits of Using Pre-Engineered Panelized Home Kits

There are some misconceptions in the industry, even among Builders and Developers, of what the benefits really are when you build your custom homes with pre-engineered factory-built components. Below is a list that will outline the benefits to you (the Developer/Builder) in addition to outlining the benefits to your client.

Benefits to the Developer and Builder when using Jan Brown's Valubuild Pre-Engineered Panelized Home Kits:

1. Decrease your labor and materials costs by 25% or more. We can further reduce site labor by pre-fabricating some walls from jumbo panels (up to 8' x 24') at the factory.

2. Build more custom homes every year, with faster turn-around time on each job.

3. Decreased exposure to workman's comp claims. With fewer men on the job, and less time to complete each project, you might see 50% fewer man-hours or more on site.

Benefits to the Homeowner when the Developer or Custom Home Builder uses Jan Brown's Valubuild Pre-Engineered Panelized Home Kits:

1. All of the pre-engineered components for your home are manufactured: - In a controlled factory setting and under strict quality control guidelines!

2. There is a reduced chance of any future structural problem: - We have never had a callback from any customer with any complaint about any of the pre-engineered components that make up our home kits!

3. Your structural system is in compliance. As a mater of fact we exceed all of the building code as well as energy code requirements across the country. And remember: Most importantly, these are not "modular", "mobile" or manufactured homes: – They are real homes and are deeded as such!

4. Factory building of the pre engineered components is environmentally responsible. The waste involved in conventional stick framing is eliminated: - Saves many thousands of board feet of lumber for each home built!

5. This is a unique opportunity to live in a energy efficient home: - They have been designed and pre engineered utilizing the most recent of building technologies including the use of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and other features intended to reduce your energy consumption by 40% or more every month!

When Developers and Builders take the time to truly understand all the benefits of pre-engineered panelized home kits compared to stick building, and understand the benefits to the homeowner as well, there really is no decision to make. The numbers speak for themselves. Imagine being able to see a tremendous decrease in costs, combined with the ability to build more homes every year! What can that do to your bottom line?

We are the SIP Panelized Home Source for Builders and Developers across North America!

Why are Builders and Developers from all across North America buying their SIP Panelized home kits from us? It is the quality, service, and benefits we deliver to our partners (our customers) ever day that continue to fuel our amazing growth.

We are a full service supplier. That means that, in addition to providing high-quality, pre-engineered factory built components for the custom homes you build, we can also offer design service, financing for the homeowner, and more. That means a more streamlined process for the Developer or Builder. Pre-engineered panelization can help you build faster, so you are also expanding your annual output in terms of the number of homes.

That's why we say that working with our pre engineered panelized home kits in your Development or Custom Home Building business is a "win-win-win" situation. You win, we win, and the homeowners win. We take a lot of pride in our product, the services that we provide and our reputation!

There is no magic in the building business. You don't need a big scrap bin to toss your money into at the site when you build with our system so quit building with a bunch of twisted sticks - Don't wait any longer - contact us today to find out more.